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How To Handle A Plumbing Emergency In Little Rock
In case of a plumbing emergency, consider your safety, the leak, and contacting a professional plumber. Plumbing problems can be very expensive. When these problems arise you should be prepared to take action. If you have a plan the crisis will be less stressful on everyone. We are going to be discussing some things you can do in this type of situation.
First, let’s talk about safety. Try not to get upset and panic. Evacuate the house until the problem is under control. Find the cut-off values and turn them off. The main cut-off valve should be cut-off first. The other water valves can be found under the kitchen sink, under the bathroom sink, behind the commode, or in the wall behind your washing machine. Unplug any electrical outlets close to the water making sure that there are no wires or metals in the path of the running water. If the water is running upstairs, move downstairs. Don’t touch anything metal because you may get shocked or electrocuted. Grab as many towels as possible and put on floor to soak up the water. This will help stabilize the situation.
Second, a small leak can be contained by wrapping something around it until help arrives. Water running inside a wall or crack needs professional attention. A leaking pipe underground can be easily found. Water will be bubbling up out of the ground like a fountain and you will find the leak. Next, you need to alert your water company so that they can stop the water. It is important to get it stopped as soon as possible so you won’t have a large water bill.
Third, always think of safety first. You can have a list of important people to call. Place the name of your plumber on this list. You need to know how they can be reached at any time of the day or night. After, your situation is under control call a plumber.
It’s always best to be prepared for an emergency but sometimes we forget these things, that’s what we’re here for! If you’re dealing with a plumbing emergency give us a call at (501) 588-3200 right now!

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