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What Are the Causes of Slab Leaks? 
Many homes are built on a concrete slab which sits directly on the ground. The plumbing system usually runs under this slab. Any leaks or breaks in the plumbing under this concrete foundation are called slab leaks.
There are many reasons a slab leak may develop. Earthquakes, shifting soil, constant rubbing of the concrete against the pipes, corrosion.
As well as bad water quality, improperly wrapped pipes, bad soldering, or normal wear and tear can all lead to slab leaks.
Left unaddressed, a slab leak can do a tremendous amount of damage to a home.
How to Identify a Slab Leak?
Identifying a slab leak as soon as possible is very important. The longer it’s left alone, the more damage it can do. There are some common signs you can use to identify slab leaks.
Water coming up through the floor, the floor feeling unusually hot, buckling hardwood floors, moisture along the bottom of the walls, or unusually high water bills are all sign of a slab leak.
If you suspect you have a leak, turn off all the water in the home. If the water meter still spins, you have a leak.
Once you have determined you have a slab leak, you should call a licensed plumber. Be sure to choose one with leak detection equipment. They should have moisture readers, thermal imaging cameras, listening devices, air tanks, and other types of leak location devices.
This saves time and money because the plumber will not have to guess or dig up the entire floor to find the source of the slab leak.
How to Handle a Slab Leak?
There are a number of ways to repair slab leaks. A section of the floor can be removed to provide direct access to the leak and a new pipe cut and installed. The water line under the slab can be turned off and new pipes installed away from the slab.
A third option is the use of epoxy and cured in place pipe repair. The slab leak repair itself can take two or more days to complete depending on the method of repair you choose and the type of repair that needs to be done to the floor. Choosing a plumber that works neat can help.
If you want to ensure the people in your home and the home itself are protected during the slab leak repair process, hire a plumber that uses air scrubbers, plastic containment, and foaming agents to prevent dust or asbestos contamination.
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