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It is important to establish a routine where annual drain cleaning is a part of an overall home maintenance plan. Cleaning drains, pipes, gutters, vents, and ducts may be just as necessary as cleaning the deck and basement.

Unwanted Odors

Periodic drain cleaning helps keep at bay unwanted odors. These occur when refuse may not sufficiently be disposed. Food stuffs including peelings from vegetables or fruit may create unwanted odors if remains are found in the sink and/or disposal.

Unwanted Clogs

Periodic drain cleaning will ensure unwanted clogs developing in perhaps some of the drains in the house. Clogs of hair may infiltrate the bathtub drain, dust particles may besiege the garage drain from environmental conditions. Perhaps a small item from a child’s play is accidentally pushed down the sink or toilet causing an unwanted clog.

Personal and Professional Cleaning

There is ongoing debate concerning the use of over-the-counter drain cleaners versus those that are natural or can be homemade. Most agree that mixing cleaning compounds could cause unwanted damage to drains and pipes as the chemicals from the mixture react against each other.

The result is a substantially higher cost for professional repair, especially if sewer lines become involved. Plastic piping will need to be replaced if damaged by mixed compounds

Some homemade cleansers include one cup baking soda with one-half cup white vinegar mixed together; one cup lemon juice mixed with one cup baking soda; a combination of Borax one-fourth cup, one-fourth cup salt, one-half cup vinegar. Another is to fill a sink half full with hot water (not boiling water), and use a rubber plunger over the drain to try and break up the clog.

Furthermore, fill the sink or tub half full of hot water and allow to drain on its own. Repeat this action 2-3 times. Using what is called a snake, long thin rope, may help release a clog when inserted and moved about the drain system.

Professional services may be necessary if the above means fail, or at the outset one may want the affected drain and entire drainage system inspected. One estimate for plumbing services for drains start at about $250.00.

The cost may exceed $350.00 if clogs are noted to also involve sewer lines or pipes. In some cases a power augur may be utilized, and best accomplished by a professional.

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