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Choosing Your New Well Pump, a Helpful Guide

It’s spring, and for most homeowners, you’re looking at warmer weather, beautiful beds of flowers everywhere, and planning your next outdoor adventure. While you may be caught up thinking about what to do with your family, you may have forgotten about your well pump.

Not only does it give you a quality supply of water, but also for many homeowners, it keeps that landscaping looking good as well. Like all the flowers in your garden, there are plenty of well pumps to choose from.

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner, a veteran with no idea how a well pump works, or simply want the help of a plumbing professional, we’ll take the time to teach you about the different well pump options, including:

Shallow Well Jet Pump
Deep Well Jet Pump
Deep Well Submersible Pump

Let us dig deeper to know their specifications individually.

Shallow Wells Benefit From Shallow Well Jet Pumps

For homes with a shallow well, one that’s close to about 25-feet down, you’ll opt for a shallow well jet pump. This sort of pump working like someone using a straw, sucking water with enough force over a short distance to get to your home.

While they’re not overly powerful, when compared to pumps for deeper systems, they have enough force to get water up to an into your home.

They’re relatively inexpensive, energy efficient, and require little maintenance. As long as you provide it with some, it will work properly for years to come.

Keep Your Water Flowing With a Deep Well Jet Pump

Tragically, depending on your home location, you may need to go somewhat deeper than 25 ft. Thanks to technology, you can, with a deep well jet pump.

These pumps are utilized for deeper wells, generally from 25 to 110 feet range. They have more durable components and a stronger pump, which allows them to pull water into your home.

Because the well is much deeper, you will require a strong motor and system to keep water pressure and functionality high. It’s common that these systems require a bit more maintenance, simply because they’re working harder to keep up with your water demands.

When to Choose a Deep Well Submersible Pump

Deep well submersible pump draws water from the well through the base of the unit utilizing an engine, and pulls that water up and through a stream sleeve. As the name would suggest, submersible well pumps stay inside the well itself and pumps water up through a pipe.

It’s important to keep them well maintained in order to protect your water supply as well. These systems are ideal for homes with deeper wells, looking for a durable well pump that offers improved energy performance.

If you’ve ever gone to pick flowers for that special someone, you know how challenging it can be. Get the wrong one, and did you really even love them to begin with? While it may not be that serious, choosing your well pump could have that amount of significance for your home.

With so many options to chose from, you want to be sure you’re doing what’s right for your home.
At Arrow Plumbing we are your Little Rock plumbers. Not only do we offer top-rated plumbing services, but also we can make your well pump experience that much simpler!

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