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Celebrate With Us on Memorial Day

Can you imagine a time when hot water didn’t come out of the faucet? Or a time when there was no such thing as a water filter? Think back to a time when these modern conveniences were not available. When a hot shower after a long day of work was not an option. Nor was there any assurances that the water you were drinking did not contain any bacteria that could make you severely ill.

As Memorial Day approaches, our minds go to the brave men who fought and died during the Civil War. These courageous souls did not have the luxuries we, all too often, take for granted. A hot shower, and a clean glass of water, were things they did not have. Yet with their sacrifice, they made it possible for us to have these things.

Memorial Day is a time to remember, and pay tribute to, all the men who made it possible for us to have these commodities now. They gave us the ability to grow and prosper as a free nation. We celebrate Memorial Day to pay our respect and give thanks to those who made it possible for us to take advantage of our modern lives.

What is Decoration Day?

Memorial Day, formally known as Decoration Day, dates as far back as 1865. It is thought by many that President Abraham Lincoln was the first to celebrate the day by paying homage to the Battle of Gettysburg memorial.

The speech Lincoln wrote for the occasion (the Gettysburg Address) was recited often on Decoration Day; as it is still done today. In 1868, Decoration Day was acknowledged as a national holiday.

On May 30th of each year, people decorated the graves of the soldiers who fought and died during the Civil War. Flowers, flags, signs, and ribbon would be draped across the memorials to honor the sacrifice of each valiant man. As generations passed, Decoration Day became the celebration of the unofficial start to the summer.

It was not until 1971, however, that Decoration Day was declared a Federal holiday. Now known as Memorial Day, the holiday is observed on the last Monday of May thus allowing us a long weekend. While we continue to give recognition to our heros, we have also extended the celebration to include parades, barbeques, vacations, and parties.

Memorial Day, though technically still in the Spring, signals the start of easier living and warm weather. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that without the fearlessness of those who gave their life, we would not be able to celebrate as we do today.

Show Love to the Armed Forces

Memorial Day is not only a time to remember the soldiers of the Civil war, but to remember all of the brave men and women of the armed forces; who gave their life to protect ours.

From the Army, to the Navy, to the Air Force and Marines, Memorial Day is an opportunity for us to show our gratitude. Our great Democracy is built on the courage and valor of each member of the armed forces who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Each man and women who has protected us, preserved our way of life, and insured our freedom, is commemorated on Memorial Day. It is due to all of these men and women that we enjoy things such as hot showers and clean drinking water.

Why We Strive to be the Best

As we honor those service men and women this Memorial Day, we also want to take the opportunity to thank each and every customer that we have had the privilege to work with.

It is your loyalty and gratitude that keeps us providing the best service possible! Our clients are the heart of our company!

As we celebrate Memorial Day this year, we remember all of the brave men and women that made our great country possible. We honor them, and we urge you to honor them as well. Our freedom and liberty has been hard fought, but we will be forever grateful to the people who selflessly gave their life to protect us.

From all of us at Arrow Plumbing, we hope you have a safe and wonderful Memorial day weekend!

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