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Need a plumbing inspection service call?
Hiring a professional plumber to inspect a home’s plumbing on an annual basis is a smart move for savvy homeowners. Plumbing problems can exist for long periods of time and not present with any noticeable issues until the damage has become severe. Annual thorough plumbing inspections that are carried out by a professional can alert homeowners of problems early on. Repairing problems when they are small saves a lot of time and serious expense in the long run.
Often homeowners experience drips and other leaks in their plumbing’s joints. The drips may be small, but the amount of water wasted in dripping pipes adds up quickly. Increased water bills will be seen when pipes are allowed to continue to leak unchecked. If hot water is leaking, the cost to heat the water is also lost in an elevated power bill.
Leaking pipes can also pose a health hazard in the home. Collections of standing water that are on floors or hidden behind walls are a perfect medium for mold growth. Mold thrives in damp areas and can create allergic reactions and other health problems in the home’s family members.
Unchecked leaking pipes also cause damage in the home. Plumbing that continues to drip can cause damage to floor boards and drywall resulting in extensive and expensive repair work. Leaking pipes can also cause damage to electronic equipment that can cause serious repair bills or cause the items to have to be replaced.
Common areas in the home that are prone to leaks include under kitchen sinks, under bathroom sinks and behind the toilet. Often, the wax seal under the toilet will dislodge and leaking will occur around the base of the toilet. Behind dishwashers and refrigerators with ice makers are also common leaking culprits.
The home has many places throughout that are prone to plumbing leaks. Often, leaks continue without anyone noticing because they are hidden behind an appliance or a wall. Having an annual plumbing inspection conducted by a professional is the best way to make sure a home’s plumbing is in good working order. In addition, any leaks can repaired right away before extensive damage occurs in the home.
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