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Did you know that slightly more than one out of every ten homes in America has an unknown water leak caused by a faucet, toilet, clothes washer, shower or other plumbing fixture within the residence? One of the most important benefits of an annual leak detection service call is that this method is one of the best proactive ways to avoid not only wasting water and incurring higher water bills but also preventing small leaks from becoming bigger leaks and creating more extensive damage that becomes costlier to repair.
Using the services of a professional annual leak detection company ensures that our experienced technicians can use state of the art equipment to discover a variety of leaks that are hiding in concealed places on a residential or commercial property. These may be leaks that are occurring in pipes hidden behind walls, under asphalt or concrete slabs, under basements, in landscaping surrounding the building, on rooftops, in landscaping or agricultural irrigation systems, and in radiant heat systems.
During an annual leak detection service call, our well trained and experienced technician skilled in using the most sophisticated technology available, can locate hidden water leaks that are draining the property owner’s resources as well as bank account. The beauty of doing a professional annual leak detection service call is that there is no unnecessary digging or destruction of property required in order to determine if there is a water leak occurring which had been previously unsuspected.
A water leak that goes undetected for any length of time can not only cause extensive damage to a building’s structural integrity, it can also waste the property owner’s time and money. Using the services of one of our leak detection professionals who has skill in operating modern electronic leak detection instruments is an excellent investment in keeping a residential or commercial property in good repair. An annual leak detection service call can find hidden leaks, help the owner attend to unknown leaks as quickly as possible before they become very destructive and expensive, and help immeasurably in the overall effort to conserve water and prevent waste.
If you are interested in a leak detection service in the Little Rock area contact Arrow Plumbing at (501) 753-3838 and make an appointment with one of our experts today!

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