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Make sure your gas line is properly serviced
Gas line problems are dangerous. This is why an annual gas line maintenance call is needed. Failure to use a maintenance service is not recommended. To understand why you need it, you need to understand what will happen when you do not. Gas makes breathing tough, and the smell is very strong. When there is a leak, the gas is heard as it escapes from the gas line. Do not call for gas maintenance from your house. Get everyone out of the house, and use a neighbor’s phone. Using the lights is not recommend during a gas leak either.
There are risks of fires and explosions when gas leaks. Carbon monoxide poison is also common. Because carbon monoxide has no color and no smell, home owners may not notice the leak. Finding the leak is the only way to reduce major risks; however, a maintenance service can prevent this problem completely.
Maintenance professionals service more than just the stove. The water heater, dryers, and heating devices will be serviced as well because they could use natural or propane gas. Gas leaks are possible because the pipe seal can get weak as each appliance gets older. Some devices use a spark to ignite the gas. They will not operate properly when there is a gas leak. Gas can escape if someone forgets to turn off the gas knob.
Gas travels in the home from the outside from piping located under the house. The seals on these pipes can become faulty over time. When this happens, gas will escape in the home.
Carbon Dioxide is another issue common during a gas leak. The leak is caused by malfunctioning fans or ventilation issues. Home heating systems must vent carbon dioxide through the chimney or an exhaust fan. When the fan has issues, or the chimney is clogged, the carbon dioxide will escape in the home. This gas has no color or smell. It makes people sleepy or tired.
All of these issues can be avoided, so give Arrow Plumbing a call at (501) 753-3838 and schedule a service call today.

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