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Piping systems are the foundation of many structures in residential and commercial areas. It is impossible to run a business or comfortable home in Little Rock without these systems running properly. Faulty sewer lines are a call for repair, and trenchless technology is becoming the most sought after method for difficult lines. Digging up lines to locate and repair problems can be a challenge with cold weather or when the ground is frozen. In some cases, the repair job has to be postponed until the frost thaws out. With trenchless technology, sewer lines do not have to be completely uncovered and all that is needed is two small points of access. This technology is less time consuming and requires less money spent.
Trenchless technology is often used with two different methods. One approach is pipe relining in which a fiberglass liner is placed in the pipe that is damaged. The pipe is sealed afterward for durability. Pipe bursting is the other approach that used in trenchless pipe work. This method requires the pipe that is damaged to be burst and replaced by a new pipe. The new pipe is pulled through because the old pipe is a form of direction to lay down the new one. Both methods benefit infrastructure because it eliminates the need to destroy any part of an existing building. This means there will be no costs for repairing anything after the process.
Aside from saving money and time, trenchless technology is environment friendly. The process of implementing the technology does not require as may technicians as a traditional project would. The material that is used to make the new pipes are durable and nature friendly.
Digging processes can sometimes take over a week to be completed, whereas trenchless technology cuts down hours that would otherwise be spent digging and destroying property. Traditional pipe work often requires the occupants to vacate the area for a long period of time until the work is completed. The inconvenience of not being able to use the pipes for days lessens with trenchless pipe work. therefore, the advantages of trenchless technology starts from the beginning of the process and extends into the future after the pipe work is finished.
Trenchless sewer repair can be a great alternative to conventional sewer repair. It can save you both time and money. Contact Arrow Plumbing. We are your Little Rock Trenchless experts. Call us today for more information or to schedule an appointment at (501) 588-3200

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