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The Do’s and Dont’s of Garbage Disposals
If your household is one of many with a garbage disposal, a break or clog can be the difference between a sanitary kitchen sink or a stagnant pool of sludge. Although the garbage disposal is designed to take a beating and still keep right on fighting, there are steps you should to in order to ensure your garbage disposal will keep on trucking for many years to come.
Cleaning your garbage disposal regularly should be a no brainer. In order to clean your garbage disposal, simply throw some ice cubes down periodically. This causes debris building up in the drain to disperse, and prevents any unpleasant odors.
Avoid putting starchy items, such as banana peels down the drain. Starchy garbage like banana peels and egg shells will easily cause the garbage disposal to clog, leaving you with one heck of a mess to clean up and a phone call it to make regarding your garbage disposal’s warranty, providing you even have one.
Although the garbage disposal can handle most of what you throw at it with ease, you may want to chop up some of the larger items before sending them down the drain. By chopping up larger items, you’re making the garbage disposal’s job that much easier, increasing its overall longevity. Although chopping them up helps, it would be wise to simply discard of any larger items in another manner entirely, for the sake of your garbage disposal.
Despite the garbage disposals uncanny ability to rip and tear anything you send its way into oblivion, it would be prudent to avoid putting any hard items like metal down the drain. Harder items can destroy the blades of the garbage disposal, not to mention cause a fatal clog.
Running cold water while the garbage disposal is in use, is a tactic of maintaining a healthy garbage disposal most people would never think of. By running cold water while the garbage disposal is in use, you’re decreasing the chance of garbage getting caught in the disposal, and creating a fatal clog.
There you have it, five simple tips to keep your garbage disposal running smoothly. Maintenance is key, with regularly running cold water and ice cubes through playing an integral role in keeping your garbage disposal up and running. Common sense should triumph over all in many of these cases, not putting hard or large items into your garbage disposal should require minimal, if any thought process.
Your garbage disposal is one of your kitchen’s best friends, take care of it, contact the professionals at Arrow Plumbing at (501) 588-3200, your Little Rock Garbage Disposal Installation specialists if you have any questions or concerns.

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