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Do you need your drain cleaned?
Your home drains are an important part of your day-to-day life by clearing out your household waste. However, most homeowners do not stop to think about what is going on with their drains until they start experiencing problems. Since your drains are an important part of your plumbing system, you want to repair any problems they are having as soon as you noticed the signs that they might need to be cleared. Here are five signs to watch for around your home showing that you may need your drain cleaned.
Clogged or not draining: When a drain suddenly seems clogged or stops draining there is probably a foreign matter in the drain or pipes. Drains are clogged up easy with grease, hair, and soap. If you do not have the clog removed, you will continue to have standing water in your tubs and sinks, resulting in an unhealthy atmosphere and damage to your plumbing.
Slow draining: Before your drains are clogged, they usually start to slowly drain water. You will notice this more in your kitchen sinks or bathtub; you may even notice slow draining in your bathroom sink. Soap, hair and maybe even small toys usually cause the slow draining in the bathroom if you have a young child. Grease, food and fat solidify and can cause slow draining in the kitchen.
Overflowing toilets: A sure sign that your toilet drain is clogged is overflowing when you flush. A blockage caused by too much waste or even small objects being flushed down. If your plunger did not fix the problem then you probably have a clog deeper in the line and will need a plumber to clear your drain.
Water backing up in drains: If you have water coming up your drains rather than pumping out then there may be a blockage in your drain. This could be cause by small objects or a damaged drainage system.
Unpleasant smell: If there is an unpleasant or rotting smell coming from your drain, you may want a plumber to come clear the drain out. A small rodent may have been trapped in the drain, or it may be clogged up with old food or hair particles.
Have a clogged drain or just want to perform maintenance on your drain? Contact the experts at Arrow Plumbing today at (501) 588-3200 and we will get your drain flowing again right away.

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