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3 Ways to Avoid the Most Common Plumbing Issues in Summer
Did you know that there are plumbing problems that are more common in summer than in winter? And did you know that the majority of household plumbing problems can be avoided with preventative maintenance and proper care?
Both those assertions are true, and there are several issues that many people encounter in summer, including damaged sprinklers, clogged garbage disposals, and broken washing machines. But luckily, it’s also possible to avoid many of these problems with a few maintenance and prevention steps, and as long as you work these into your routine, they won’t take any extra time.
1. Don’t Run Over Your Sprinklers
It may seem like a simple tip that doesn’t have to be said, but you’d be surprised how many people are stuck having to buy new lawn equipment like sprinklers and hoses because they ran over theirs with the lawn mower.
Before you go out to mow, make sure the sprinklers and hoses have been brought in. In fact, it’s just good practice to bring them in whenever they aren’t in use, and this will protect them from UV damage as well. If you really want a sprinkler you can leave out all the time, consider installing an in-ground system.
2. Keep Your Garbage Disposal Clean  
Your garbage disposal may seem like an uncomplicated machine, but there are a number of best practices that you should be following every time you use it to prevent breakdowns or clogs in the pipes. This includes:

Don’t use the disposal for stringy or fibrous foods
Don’t put in too many starches at once
Always run a strong stream of cold water when the disposal is on
Wash out the disposal after every time you do the dishes by pouring in some liquid soap and running cold water
Keep the blades sharp and clean by grinding a few ice cubes regularly
Don’t put in large bones

3. Prevent Your Washing Machine From Malfunctioning  
A broken washing machine isn’t necessarily a plumbing mishap: it can also cause flooding and water damage that could destroy your laundry room floors, the ceiling below, and anything else that gets in the way.
The best way to prevent your machine from flooding is to ensure that water has nowhere to leak out from. The most common culprits for washing machine leaks are the hoses, so inspect these regularly for holes, damage, cracks, and blistering. Replace hoses as soon as you notice any signs of wear or every five years.
Arrow Plumbing can help you with all these plumbing issues and more, such as problems with your sewer lines, winter plumbing mishaps, drain cleaning, and other home plumbing services.
With the right prevention steps and a little luck, you should be able to avoid these common summer plumbing problems, but if you weren’t so lucky, call 501-588-3200 today for help in the Little Rock, AR area from the professionals at Arrow Plumbing.

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